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Essential SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2019 (Secrets!)

Now that we’re in 2019, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what an eventful year it was for organic search and SEO strategies for this new year.
As Google continues to refine its enigmatic search algorithm to deliver users the most relevant results, SEO professionals and pundits across the globe have taken note of a growing number of SEO trends and strategies that are poised to be the future of SEO.
While SEO at its core will remain relatively unchanged (build an awesome business, an awesome website and killer content), it is clear that the best organic search strategies of 2019 must cater to Google’s increasing preference for websites that value speed, security, mobile-friendliness, and usability.

Trend #1: Mobile-First Indexing

2018 was the year when Google finally rolled out their mobile-first index. How does it work? Simply put, websites are now ranked based on the quality of UX they provide on mobile devices. If a site has mobile and desktop versions, the index adds the mobile one; if there’s only the desktop version, it gets indexed the same as normal.
So, You need to master mobile SEO! You must have a mobile-friendly version of your site, or else Google will index something you can’t show to mobile users. And a large chunk of traffic will go right past you!

Trend #2: Secure HTTPS Protocol

From the end of 2017, site owners actively changed the protocol of their sites from HTTP to HTTPS. And they’ll keep doing the same in 2019. Now, having HTTPS protocol on your website is crucial. In short, sites that work on the HTTP protocol are today labelled as unsafe, and dropped in search results. At the moment Google Chrome denotes all websites that are not HTTPS as insecure, regardless of whether you are asked to enter any private information on the page or not.

Trend #3: User Intent Optimization

Web searches have now become very specific as the reader demands fresh content that can be understood easily. On the other hand, SEO strategy that promotes stuffing of popular keywords is now declared a faulty practice and shall not be promoted. It is important to realize that the website visitor is the primary focus, and the link will be shared or up-voted by them only if the viewer finds content that is relevant. The 2019 evaluation matrix measures the acceptance and ultimately the ranking of the webpage by the number of website visitors finding relevance to their search queries.

Trend #4: Voice search

As early as 2014, Google determined in a study that over 40 percent of respondents use voice-controlled web search. For teenagers, the rate was even higher than 50 percent. According to Google, every fifth search query on mobile devices is now made via voice input. Due to the increasing use of digital assistants and smart home devices, users will probably use features such as “Voice Search” more frequently in 2019.

Trend #5: Blockchain

Among the many trends which will rule 2019, the blockchain is the most complex one to grasp for the users.
Blockchain basically lays down the groundwork for all types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin to exist, function and rise. With the use of the blockchain, the user is able to make transactions without involving any type of middleman.
In the blockchain, there are pieces of data that are known as block which are transmitted across a network after which a process of confirmation starts. After the validation of the data through nodes, the money is transferred. The blockchain can be programmed to record any type of data which will result in the decentralization of the internet making information to be public, safe and flexible.
With the introduction of the blockchain, Google will no longer hold all the powers. Currently, the search engine acts as s middleman between the advertisers and websites, but with the introduction of the blockchain, you will no longer need a search engine for such purposes.

Trend #6: Quality Content

“Content is king”. If you have ever spent time in the marketing world, you have likely heard this phrase. The reason for that is people come to your site looking for something. The best and most valuable thing you can give them is quality content. When Users do a Google search, they hope to find something that will satisfy their needs 100% and then some more. When you take the users’ search intent into account, you can prepare a piece of content that does exactly that. The Internet will be dominated by people who are the best at getting into their audience’s mindset.

Trend #7: Page Speed

In 2010, Google announced that page speed would surely impact the website ranking. As users don’t like to wait, the more time the page will take to load fully, the more it will ruin the browsing experience of the users, on an average, it takes 7 seconds to load an e-commerce website where it shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds.
It surely does impact the audience and user experiences. A bad page speed can cost a loss of revenue if your target has to wait too long to get what they are looking for. They will just close your website. People are impatient and do not like to wait. It does impacts the ranking of the website and are penalized by the search engines.

Final Thoughts

SEO trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay updated – and stay relevant. In 2019, some SEO trends will roll-over from 2018, but others are based on the future of technology and Google’s recent updates. The main tips are to move the site to HTTPS, optimize for mobile, generate high-quality content, and prepare for the growing role of voice search. It takes a lot of time and effort to stay up on all the updates. It also takes time and long-term care. If your company is small or new and it doesn’t have a designated internet marketing professional, SEO Ninja Softwares can help. With more than 5000+ satisfied clients and over 2000+ raving fans, our search engine optimization skills have been proven to help businesses just like yours find success online. We offer Premium Local SEO, E-Commerce SEO, and global SEO from startups to Corporate businesses. Our pricing is reasonable, high-retentionable and offer #1 Ranking on Google. Feel free for any queries or questions you may have to our 24/7 customer support. So if you don’t see results, we’ll give you your money back. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our SEO pricing plans or any other queries, or the methods we use to improve your site’s visibility in search engines such as Google. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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