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The Complete Guide To Recover From Google Penalties

Google Penalty is a Negative Effect on your sites ranking based on updates that are made within Google’s Search Algorithms. A Google Penalty can also be assessed through manual reviews of your Web Page. This Penalty is usually caused by your website not being up to date with the latest changes through Google Search. As a website owner, you must be very careful while optimizing your website. When your website traffic and rankings have suddenly gone down, there is a big chance you have been penalized by Google. There are two categories of penalties: Manual and algorithmic.

Manual Penalties– Manual penalties happen when Google’s spam algorithm is flagged by something on your site, and Google decides to apply a manual penalty to your site’s rankings. Manual penalties are usually accompanied by a message within your Google Webmaster account. As a result, manual penalties are easier to identify.

Algorithm Updates– Penalties occur as Google naturally updates its algorithm. A small change, or group of changes in Google’s algorithm can cause your site’s traffic to drop. Penalties associated with algorithm updates are often much harder to detect because they don’t come with a notification in Webmaster Tools.

How to Recover Your Website from Google penalties?

In most cases, it’s easy to recover your website from manual penalties. Google informs you about the type of an issue (for example, cloaking, sneaky redirects or hidden text and links) and provides clear instructions on how to fix it. With the right process, you can get back in the game and continue to excel in SERPs:

1. Link Building

If you feel your website has acquired bad links either through unnatural linking or negative SEO, then you need to perform a link clean up. We recommend using sites, such as Ahrefs and Search Console to collect a list of backlinks. It would be super useful if someone introduced a tool pointing to good and bad links. For now, though, it’s down to your personal judgment. It’s a good idea to read up on link building best practices before getting stuck in to link removal.

2. Disavow

Got a list of backlinks you want to remove? Brilliant, now it’s time to move on to the disallow process. Upload a disallow.txt file to Search Console, and you are telling Google that you no longer want these links to be crawled. Once Google revisits your website and crawls your content, you will start to see a massive benefit from this activity.

3. Content Creation

If you see a drop in the number of website visitors succeeding a content update or strategy change, you must estimate all on website content. The possibilities are that you have this material, over optimization content or probably duplicate content which is stopping you from ranking for particular keywords. Top quality, unique and error free is the best way to go continue.

4. Hidden text or keyword stuffing

To look for hidden text, you can select all text on each page to look for any text that is the same color as the background. You can also Fetch as Google to look for any content that is visible to the search engines, but not to users. To identify keyword stuffing, check your title tags, meta descriptions and content for excessive use of repetitive keyword phrases.

5. Wait for Upcoming Algorithms

The team (and algorithm) who are working behind the scenes of the world’s biggest search engine are understandably busy, so it may take some time for the bad backlinks you disavowed to actually get banished from your profile. A Google penalty recovery can take up to one year, and you may need to wait for another algorithm update to lift the punishment on your site. Keep an eye on your keyword rankings, and do a site search regularly. That’s the best way to spot if your penalty has been lifted, and your disavow mission a success.

Final Thoughts

Websites mostly suffer from Google’s penalties and filters because of low‐quality content and shady SEO techniques. If you want to make your website bulletproof, make sure it meets Google’s Quality Guidelines and its link profile is natural. Apart from that, monitor your site for hacking to remove hacked content as soon as possible and prevent user‐generated spam on your site. And if you can’t handle a penalty on your own, Give SEO Ninja Softwares a try! With more than 5000+ satisfied clients and over 2000+ raving fans, our search engine optimization skills have been proven to help businesses just like yours find success online. We offer Pay-Per-Click, Premium Local SEO, E-Commerce SEO, and global SEO from startups to Corporate businesses. Our pricing is reasonable, high-retentionable and offer #1 Ranking on Google. Feel free for any queries or questions you may have to our 24/7 customer support. So if you don’t see results, we’ll give you your money back.
We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our SEO pricing plans or any other queries, or the methods we use to improve your site’s visibility in search engines such as Google. Contact us today to start your business on the path to success!

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