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Every website owner has one dream, and that is that the website should rank high on search engines. To achieve this goal, two objectives have to b achieved before a website will achieve a top ranking on search engines.

The first objective that has to be achieved is that the content of the website should be relevant to what the purpose of the website is. Secondly, the website must contain top quality content. If a website is selling top quality products or services and the content describing the products or services is poorly written, has grammatical mistakes, is incomplete; the visitor is not going to buy anything or revisit the site.

The second objective that the website must achieve is to have backlinks to other relevant websites. The backlinks should be to websites that have established their dominance and authority on the internet and are among the top ranking websites in their categories on the internet.

If you search for an article on any topic you are going to see Wikipedia listed on the first page and among the top four sites of the search engine. Similarly if you are looking for products to buy or sell you are bound to see eBay listed in the leading sites. Similarly look for books and now items to buy and Amazon is listed right on top. The question here is, how did these sites achieve these high rankings? One of the major reasons is that these sites have thousands of backlinks. And their backlinks are to high ranking websites.